Welcome to Coltan Mining Limited we are the number 1 premier mining and minerals company with strong focus in Tantalite, Tantalum , Columbite , niobium and other rare earth ore metals and minerals (See what we do). We supply to major diversified industries which rely on our unique processing techniques thus adding value and efficiency to our minerals.  Industries such as the aerospace, automotive, communications, Medical, Optics, electronic and construction.

We provide the highest Ta205 concentrations which are important for conductivity in capacitors for electronics industry also for longevity. Our goal is so continually add value to our minerals getting the highest concentrations which are beneficial for our clients which also generates long-term business relationships for us.

All of our Coltan sourced is Non-Conflict with relevant documentation which has been inspected by an international body before being made available to the market. Our Best practice ensures that our clients are satisfied their Non-conflict requirements are met. We provide up to date research reports on the sustainability of Tantalite and other metal ores our market research is used in countries we operate in when implementing government policies.

In addition to this we provide our clients with live metal prices data so they can make informed decisions when purchasing material directly from us our subsidiaries.

Lastly we provide consultancy to our clients on best practice when exporting and importing our materials to different Jurisdictions so all logistics is a smooth process and avoid unnecessary hold up from red-tape and municipal laws.



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